Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Labor Day - The History of Navigation

Celebrate Labor Day by joining me to learn about the labors of the navigator!

Teaching the traverse board. Photo courtesy Tim Abbott.
As longtime followers well know by now, the history of navigation is a fascination of mine.

As part of the Schooner Woodwind's History Mondays series, I'll be climbing aboard to demonstrate reproduction navigational instruments. Learn about the use of the cross-staff, quadrant, backstaff, and sextant in latitudinal navigation, handle the chip log, traverse board, and compass used in dead reckoning, and check out other aids to navigation like the lead line.

Light snacks, beer, and wine are available for this two hour cruise out of Annapolis, Maryland onto the Severn River. Stop by and say ahoy!

Buy your tickets here.


  1. Sounds great, just what I'm looking for. But I live in Florida, if you do it again any possibility of more lead time?

  2. Oops! My deepest and sincerely apologies.
    I realized I've been getting your emails for less then a month, my bad.
    Additionally you seem to have navigational information I need for my time period (1740ish -1783ish). Thank you