Friday, December 30, 2016

Punch Bowl, c.1765

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Punch bowl, William Jackson, c.1770, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Jackson's distinctive sails are once again on display in this punch bowl. As the guns of this ship do not cross through her wide body, I am inclined to think her a well armed merchantman, and perhaps another of his slavers. There are no air holes cut in the hull, but not all of his slave ships depict this.

Along the exterior of the punch bowl are symbols of martial prowess: helmets, shields, and spears, and the figurehead is an ancient warrior girded for battle. This would strongly indicate that the ship shown here is intended to be a warship and not a slaver.

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Forward of the foremast are a pair of tars busy at work. They wear trousers, jackets, and what appear to be cocked hats with short brims.

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Further aft are two more mariners in the same dress. These hats may be variously interpreted as cocked or round, but there is too little detail to be certain.

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