Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Court Cotillion or the Premiers New Parl*****t Jig, 1774

"The Court Cotillion or the Premiers New Parl*****t Jig," Terry, 1774, American Antiquarian Society.

Britannia sobs at the sight! Lord North happily plays his fiddle while personifications of Scotland, America, and England scourge each other around a sort of capstan labeled "Politicks 75" and capped with a crown. America is personified by a Native in a skirt and headdress, Scotland by a highlander, and England (as always) by a sailor.

Jack Tar wears a cocked hat with the point forward and a loose back end. His shirt or jacket is gathered at his waist, baring his back to the Scotsman's flogging. His trousers are made of a fabric that displays a narrow vertical stripe, and they have slits at the hem of the leg. The striped trousers end between his calf and his angle, showing off the plain stockings that run to square toed shoes.

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