Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Admiral's Porter, 1790

An Admiral's Porter, George Woodward, 1790, Wellcome Library.

Two jacks, wounded at sea, are now employed by an Admiral to carry messages for him. A liveried servant and an aggressive hound both glare menacingly at the jacks.

Both sailors wear wide brimmed round hats, but otherwise wear two very different sets of slop clothes. On the left is a tarpawlin in a red jacket (with a collar, brass buttons, and waist flap pockets) that runs a bit long, ending about mid thigh. He wears a white neckcloth or cravat, brown or natural slops, and white stockings. His mate to the right is in a blue short jacket with brass buttons that ends at the top of the thigh. His neckcloth appears to be dotted with red, matching the red striped trousers.

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