Sunday, September 7, 2014

Jemmy's Farewell, 1785

Jemmy's Farewell, Sayer & Bennett, 1785, British Museum.

Typical of the sailor's farewell trope, Jemmy motions away to the vessel by which he will leave his lass, while she tearfully bids her goodbye. Unlike some of the other "sailor's farewell" pieces, she is unusually buxom. I appears that this piece is the partner to Jemmy's Return.

Jemmy is damnably well turned out! A tall round hat with a cylindrical crown edged with black tape sits atop his remarkably log hair. The black neckcloth or cravat at his neck is neatly tucked under his white collar and into the double breasted waistcoat with its slit waist pocket. His jacket ends about the top of the thigh, and is lined in white. Double breasted with white metal buttons, Jemmy's jacket is a sight to see! His close fit trousers are of the same striped fabric as his waistcoat, but fit with cloth buttons that match the fabric.

No wonder she's sad to see him go.

Meanwhile, this grouchy tar looks like he couldn't be less interested. He wears a short brimmed round hat with tall crown, light red or possibly pink neckcloth, red short jacket that ends at the waist, and a pair of white trousers.

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