Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kenelm Dawson Salesman, date unknown

"Kenelm Dawson, Salesman," trade card, date unknown, Spitalfields Life.

Spitalfields Life attributes this image to the Bishopsgate Institute, but a search of their website did not turn up a match. The date is hard to pin down, but Kenelm Dawson wrote a will in 1758, placing himself well within our era of study.

Dawson's trade card is rather similar to another trade card examined on this page: Rich'd Kilby at the Jolly Sailor. In fact, the posture, dress, and accessories of the Jolly Sailor are remarkably similar!

Dawson's Jolly Sailor wears a short jacket without buttons, collar, cuffs, or pockets, over a half open single breasted waistcoat. His cocked hat is turned with the point forward(ish), and he wears a plain neckcloth. Slops hang loose over white stockings and pointed toe shoes. As usual, the sailor carries a walking stick.

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