Friday, October 24, 2014

The Disconsolate Sailor, date unknown

The Disconsolate Sailor, artist unknown, date unknown, National Maritime Museum.

With a crooked cane over one shoulder, complete with a bag tied about its end, it appears the Disconsolate Sailor is a wanderer. His face betrays a certain look of sadness, though his pose suggests a confident man. An enigmatic portrait, to say the least!

The Disconsolate Sailor wears a round hat with very short brim, a sky blue neckcloth, a peach or light red short jacket that ends at the waist with two rows of cloth covered buttons, open mariner's cuffs, and a pair of slops. Just beneath his slops are a pair of light brown breeches with buttons along the knee, and finished with a pair of ties. White stockings lead to pointed toe shoes with simple white metal rectangular buckles.

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