Monday, November 17, 2014

Fill Up the Mighty Sparkling Bowl, 1752-1763

Fill up the mighty sparkling bowl, published by Carington Bowles, between 1752-1763, Yale Digital Collections.

Yale's Digital Collections states that this image is available on the excellent Lewis Walpole Library Digital Images website, but I was not able to track it down there.

This early Bowles' piece foreshadows his later and well known "Sailor's Pleasure." Just like that image, this print features a happy tar beside his bowl of punch. He fondles a filled glass and a very fine ladle. Below the image is a short poem detailing his delight:

Fill up the mighty sparkling Bowl,
That I a true and Loyal Soul -
May Drink & Sing without controul,
to Support my Pleasure.-
Thus may each Jolly Sailor live
When Fears and Dangers o'er -
For past Misfortunes never Grieve
When He's arriv'd on Shore.-
Let not future Cares perplex him,
Let him Laugh and let him Sing,
While he enjoys this Blessing,
He's as great as any King.-

He sure looks damnably pleased with himself! Our tarpaulin wears a black cocked hat without trim, point forward. On his right side is a single cloth covered button and loop. He wears his hair or wig curled, and it hangs down to the shoulder. At his collar is a fine white neckcloth.

His jacket is fairly typical at first glance, but a careful look inside the lapel reveals an unbuttoned waistcoat! There is unfortunately not enough detail on either the waistcoat or the jacket to make any assertions about whether or not they are lined. We can say that the jacket is without collar, and features rather nice mariner's cuffs. The cuff that we can see is clasped shut, save for the outermost buttons. I believe the buttons to be cloth covered, but am not confident enough to say for certain. Our sailor's shirt is a plain white garment.

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