Friday, January 31, 2014

Statuette, 1770-1780

Statuette, Ralph Wood the Younger, 1770-1780, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

It has been some time since we used a visual source other than a print, so let's change our tack a bit and look at this piece!

His is a round hat with a short brim, and short hair beneath that doesn't reach his shoulders. The neckcloth is narrow and black, tied neatly in the front. He wears a single breasted white waistcoat beneath a very odd jacket. That jacket is double breasted with lapels to only half way down his torso, where it then switches to single breasted. The sailor rests one hand in the lapel, and another on his hip. His white trousers are long and loose, ending above the ankle. With white stockings and black shoes, the sailor is rather handsomely attired!

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