Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Sailor's Return to Portsmouth from London, 1772

The Sailor's Return to Portsmouth from London, 1772, collection unknown. There are similar copies in both the British Museum and the Library of Congress.

This painted print is another of sailors struggling with horses. The sailor rides his horse like a ship, with an ensign on the head, and anchor on its neck, and a ladder to help the sailor climb on and off again.

Our tar's cap is a sort of jockey cap, as we've seen before. His hair is short, and his neckcloth is a very light red, bordering on pink. The jacket is single breasted with cloth covered buttons and slash pockets. Beneath is a brown waistcoat that is cut off at the waist. His white trousers end above the ankle, showing off his white stockings, and black shoes.

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